Yui Nausicaa

Yui and Nausicaa in manga

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This platform serves as a tool for me to (re)discover my interest and what I am passionate about; it also marks a starting point of a new stage in my life (about me).

What to offer

I will probably write about platform business, value investing, tourism & hospitality market in Taiwan & Japan, J-REITs particularly those focusing on hotel properties, analysis tools & techniques, commentary on others’ posts and some random thoughts etc. Basically, those stuffs should show my professional footprints while I have never actually reached anywhere from a career path perspective.

On the more leisure side, I review restaurants, hotels and tailors. I also document my recipe experiments and collection of articles.

Who is Yui and Who is Nausicaa

Yui is a character in anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and Nausicaa is the protagonist in manga Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Why Yui Nausicaa

I found the resemblance between Yui and Nausicaa.

  June 2018

July – September 2018 – Hotel Pre-Opening

I couldn’t believe one day I would be involved in hotel pre-opening. Right before my scheduled resignation, I was assigned to look after IT system for a hotel still in pre-opening. It turned out that I drove the procurement and the subsequent project management of system implementation. The property management system (Opera | Oracle) went live at 14:30 September 15, 2018 which means the property has been technically a hotel in operation since then. Roughly after 1 month, I was released from job at the real estate investment/asset management company.

October 13, 2018