Rival Peak – Follow Up 1

[December 16th, 2020]

The experimental interactive experience has been up for more than 10 days and has finished the first weekly loop of “heart of experience”, Rival Speak. You can try the reality show / game at fb.gg/play/rivalpeak.

My first impression for Rival Peak before its launch was the experience is not engaging. Now that I have tried the “gameplay” and watched the “show”, the impression hasn’t changed much. I believe there are people who enjoy the experience and find other use cases of the Rival Peak. For example, Rival Peak has great ambience music so some people would just keep it up in the background (like video of 10-hour raining in mountain with campfire category on Youtube).

Maybe it’s due to Facebook platform strategy, Rival Peak has limited social presence outside of Facebook ecosystem. Rival Peak currently lacks discussion on twitter and content on Youtube. The media coverage concentrates on the product launch, not much about the post-launch reception. It will get harder and harder for Rival Peak to gain traction (the constraint comes from design of experience) unless it has extremely strong live ops to do growth hack. Not much time left for this product before it loses momentum and enters into phase out mode (in my previous post, I simply don’t think this product can take off after quickly reviewing its trailer…).

I have no idea what kind of post mortem this product will have but I enjoy more watching VTubers playing Minecraft and chatting in a foreign language that I don’t speak (e.g. Usada Pekora from Hololive).

Do you find it enjoyable to interact with something human-like that takes your inputs to feed the algorithm / model or to watch interaction between algorithms / models based on real-time data input without clear gameplay? During Rival Speak, it’s unbearable to see an interaction with between a human and an “AI” with human-written script voice-acted by another human.

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