AUO (2409.TW / AUOTY.US) – Tracking (post-Feb21 Sales)

[March 9th, 2021]

AUO Feb. 2021
– Sales: NTD 25.6B, -3.8% MoM, +44.7% YoY
– Total shipment: 2.009M square meter, -5.2% MoM

Feb sales was better than I expected. While the sales was affected by less working day during lunar new year, it seemed elevated pricing environment mitigated the impact of seasonality.

AUO changed its monthly reporting of shipment from this year. AUO now only reports total shipment in square meter. (previously reporting shipment in piece by size). The implied blended ASP in NTD indicated that ASP was -3.8% MoM. However, this metric still doesn’t have enough data points to demonstrate a reliable pattern and it might be affected by seasonality and strong NTD as well. Overall, the industry is still in a favorable pricing environment “as of today.”


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