Unlike other blogs, there’s no particular achievement or attachment to talk about here as of July 2018.

Rather than describing myself as a something at somewhere, I prefer to say I have exposure to real estate private equity, e-commerce-focused venture builder, long / short equity. Not sure it’s unfortunate or fortunate, my (insert anything) path is still undefined. This place serves as my intellectual platform which might guide me to somewhere and give me a sense of building up something.

I am a fan of manga and anime and a lover of Japanese and Italian food. Sometimes I travel and review hotels and restaurants I visit.  I am a student of value investing.

I studied business administration focusing on technology management in college at NTU and then finished a postgraduate degree in finance at LSE.

I can be reached via james.yeh@yncm-rs.com or on twitter.

This blog will be more about business-related topics that interest me and I categorize them by:

  • markets / industries / sectors / business models… I discuss (Ranpu)
  • tools / concepts / frameworks / theories… I use or discuss (Naifu)
  • blogs / book / twitter / websites / research paper… I refer to (Kaban)

Ranpu or ランプ is lamp, a symbol of the coverage of my posts by different cuts while I only follow or discuss but not actually cover.

Naifu or ナイフ is knife, a symbol of approaches I use or discuss in my posts.

Concepts, Theories, Frameworks, Tools & Techniques

  • System Dynamics
  • Disruptive Innovation Theory
  • Unit Economics

Internet and Social Media Analytics

  • Google Trends
  • SimilarWeb
  • SocialBlade
  • TalkWalker
  • Subredditstats
  • WeiboStats
  • Metacritic
  • Statista

Financial Analysis, Investment Research and Portfolio Management

  • Atom Finance
  • finviz
  • TIKR
  • Koyfin
  • wallmine
  • Last10K
  • BamSEC
  • Stocktwits
  • Tradingview

Information Acquisition / Corporate Access

Operational Tools / Productivity

  • Clickup
  • TAPD
  • Google’s products: calendar, keep, docs, drive…
  • Slideshare
  • WordPress
  • OneNote
  • Notion
  • HEY
  • Online Voice Record
  • SoundCloud


Kaban or かばん is bag, a symbol of online / offline resources I find them useful / insightful.

Blogs / Websites


The idea of Ranpu, Naifu and Kaban categorization comes from the theme song in Carrying You (君をのせて) in the animated film Castle in the Sky (天空の城ラピュタ)


あの地平線 輝くのは
たくさんの灯が なつかしいのは
あのどれかひとつに 君がいるから

さあ でかけよう ひときれのパン
ナイフ ランプ かばんにつめこんで

父さんが残した 熱い想い
母さんがくれた あのまなざし

地球はまわる 君をかくして
輝く瞳 きらめく灯
地球はまわる 君をのせて
いつかきっと出会う ぼくらをのせて

父さんが残した 熱い想い
母さんがくれた あのまなざし

地球はまわる 君をかくして
輝く瞳 きらめく灯
地球はまわる 君をのせて
いつかきっと出会う ぼくらをのせて