Kyoto Day 1 – Dec. 6, 2018

The second day I took a train from Kobe to Kyoto.

After checking in Hotel The Celestine Kyoto Gion, I had late lunch at Mametora Gion which specializes in small dishes cuisines. The environment there was quite comfortable in terms of distance between tables and interior styling & lighting. As it is supposedly to be, the presentation of dishes was great and taste was ordinary ( for me, the taste of this kind of cuisine is never the highlight in the dining experience).

The restaurant of my first dinner in Kyoto was a local store recommended by the concierge of hotel. The food was edible but not delicate as its clientele base is probably the neighborhood round southern area of Kenninji. The area might be one of the most densely populated of Michilin-starred Japanese restaurants in the world but ordinary restaurants are still viable since there’s demand for casual dinning to be met.

As usual, I had gyoza at Senmonten (泉門天) as my main late-night snack in Kyoto. I also had ramen at Tenkaippin as supplementary but it turned out that I’m not a fan of their style.

The release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate / Special (JP) is the highlight of this trip. As expected nothing special happened on Hanamikoji Dori in Gion.

I was so bored in the hotel that I watched live streaming gameplay of SSBU on Youtube. While I think  gaming is one of my tracking industry, this was my first time to watch live streaming gameplay. To my surprise, it’s quite satisfying and healing to watch the gameplay when the host is shown as anime-style character with cute voice in tandem with facial / body expression.

I will further explore the economics on gaming, eSport and video / music streaming after going back to Taiwan.

Week 8 – Production Plan

[Dec. 3, 2018]

* Tasks to be done *

~ Dec. 3-9, 2018 ~

  • Initial Analysis: Sea Group (SE.US) / GrubHub (GRUB.US) / Stich Fix (SFIX.US) / Upwork (UPWK.US) / BabyTree (1763.HK)
  • Update & Follow: China Education Group Holding (839.HK) / PDD.US
  • Travel Documentation: JP trips and HK & SZ
  • 1 Idea from Analyst Meeting
  • Hotel Review in Mandarin: This time and previous trips
  • Hotel Analysis: Millennium Mistui Garden Tokyo Deal
  • Events: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release / The Game Awards 2018 / Arts Economics Kyoto
  • Weekly Topic: Week of Metrics and Network Effect
  • Reading:  Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms by David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee and another 1 technical

~ Note ~

For the next 2 weeks, my focus is on listed marketplace companies. Hopefully I can generate 3 notes on new names.

I need to get some progress on Sea Group Initial Analysis!

Week 7 – Review

Again, while the production plan had many to-do items, I only finished a few in the 3nd production week. Not very productive as usual.

* Week 7 – Review *


Initial Analysis & Resume Following

Random Thoughts, Review, & Reflection

Research Management

  • Research focus expanded: UGC



  • Restaurants in Kobe


  • Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy and How to Make Them Work for You (TW-Translation )

Week 6 – Production Plan

[Nov. 19, 2018]

* Tasks to be done *

~ Nov. 19-25, 2018 ~

  • Initial Analysis: Mercari / Kakaku
  • Travel Documentation: Japan and HK & SZ
  • 1 Idea from Analyst Meeting
  • Hotel Review: 2
  • Hotel Analysis: Millennium Mistui Garden Tokyo Deal and Forecasting Exercise on Tainan
  • Reading: 1 technical and 1 leisure
  • Travel Plan: Kobe/Kyoto/Osaka in early December
  • Corporate Event
    • ER Concall: BZUN.US / PDD.US / JG.US
    • Board Meeting: 839.HK

Week 5 – Review

While the production plan had many to-do items, I only finished a few in the 1st production week. It seems not very productive?

* Week 5 – Review *


Initial Analysis

  • Pinduoduo (PDD.US): Analysis note / Model
  • China Education Group Holdings (839.HK): Model

Research Management

  • Internet names to research selected


  • Second Off-Shore Brokerage Account Setup
  • Portobell Diary


  • ぼくは明日、昨日のきみとデートする』(TW-Translation )